Program Manager

Job Info
Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and at least two (2) years employment experience in a CCI; OR two (2) years of college and three (3) years employment experience in a CCI; OR high school diploma and four (4) years employment experience in a CCI.
  • Prefer educational degree to be in Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Public Administration or other related human service field.
  • Valid Michigan Driver’s license and a driving record acceptable to Whaley Children’s Center’s insurance carrier.
  • Meet State “Good Moral Character” guidelines
Required Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to guide, coach, counsel, manage and lead program staff in the performance of duties.
  • Ability to plan, organizes, implement and monitor multi-dimensional activities within the program.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records and to complete written reports regarding children, staff and others in a timely fashion.
  • Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships internally and external to the agency.
  •  Ability to effectively express oneself in verbal and written form.
  • Ability to operate as a strength-based leader and practitioner.
  • Ability to integrate information from a variety of sources and disciplines regarding children’s needs.
  • Physical and organizational abilities necessary to regularly complete activities to maintain a household including cleaning, shopping, transporting, managing of allocated funds.
  • Physical ability to stand and/or walk up to 8 hours per shift; To frequently lift, carry and/or push 25 pounds; to occasionally lift, carry and /or push p to 100 pounds: and to bend reach, stretch, twist, turn, climb, kneel, crouch, grasp, and crawl.
  • Physical ability to safely physically restrain an aggressive and/or violent child.
  • Ability to assess the needs of the children in residence, and of the staff
  • Current working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint and other office equipment, such as fax and copier machines.
Essential Duties:

  • Responsible for assessing children and families for developing psychosocial treatment plans.
  • Responsible for providing “on-call” services regarding behavior management and personnel issues on a rotating basis with other managers and assistant managers.
  • Responsible for assisting with and implementing treatment goals and strategies to improve the functioning of the children and families.
  • Responsible for working with other Whaley staff, school staff, families and others to implement, monitor and revise treatment plans and strategies.
  • Supervision of the residential staff and children in a designated child care unit
  • Responsible for planning, organizing, communicating, implementing and monitoring activities within the budget, policies and procedures to ensure effective and efficient operation of a child care unit.
  • Responsible for effectively motivating, coaching, counseling and disciplining staff to create an effective treatment environment for the children.
  • Responsible for maintaining written records and logs and for their timely preparation.
  • Responsible for scheduling and processing time off request.
  • Maintain program compliance with state contract and licensing rules & regulations, including related inspections.
  • Responsible for managing physically aggressive youths.


  • Responsible for completing performance evaluations of all program staff assigned to unit.
  • Responsible for securing and maintaining the necessary resources, staff and materials, to carry out daily activities within the unit and support the treatment of the children.
  • Responsible for restraining children who are physically out of control, physically guiding children needing assistance, de-escalating angry children and moving children to the time out room if necessary.
  • Responsible for monitoring and ensuring the proper administration of medications as prescribed by medical professional and directed by the nurse.
  • Responsible for all levels of daily care provided to the children assigned to the unit.
  • Responsible for leading team meetings and developing agendas.
  • Responsible for monitoring and ensuring program staff are in compliance with agency policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring compliance with recipient rights such as, phone calls, sibling visits, etc.
  • Responsible for overall safety and well-being of children.
  • Responsible for being accessible and responsive to emergency situations.
  • Responsible for teaching, modeling, practicing, supporting and articulating the agency’s Circle of Courage Strength Based Program philosophy and Learning Organization Management Model.
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Permanency Planning Specialist

Job Info

Position Title: Permanency Planning Specialist Department: Clinical/Children Services
Reports to Position Title: Director of Clinical & Director of Children Services
Salary: Ranges based education and professional experience FLSA: Exempt
Purpose & General Description of the Position: This position is responsible for improving the development, coping, and problem solving skills of children.   This position is responsible for designing weekly treatment goals in accordance with the therapeutic goals that will be utilized in the group home setting.  In addition, this position is responsible for the completion of the written reports and additional documentation of the children residing in the Intensive Residential Program.


Minimum Requirements:

Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Psychology, or a human service related field

Valid Michigan driver’s license with a driving record acceptable to the Agency’s insurance carrier;

Meet State “Good Moral Character” guidelines;

Experience with trauma based clinical interventions and in working with survivors of abuse and neglect is highly preferred.

Required Skills & Abilities:

Ability to assess on a verbal and nonverbal basis with children, families, community partners, and school personnel;

Ability to develop and implement weekly treatment goals and strategies to improve the functioning of the children;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, children, families, other agencies, and individuals associated with the Agency;

Current working knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint;

Physical ability to stand and/or walk up to 8 hours per shift, to frequently lift, carry, and/or push 25 pounds, to occasionally lift, carry and/or push up to 100 pounds; and to bend, reach, stretch, twist, turn, climb, kneel, crouch, grasp and crawl.

Essential Skills & Duties:

Responsible for working with other staff, school staff, families, and others to implement, monitor, and revise weekly treatment goals and strategies;

Responsible for leading weekly life skills related groups;

Responsible for maintaining accurate and complete records of activities and progress of assigned cases;

Responsible for compiling, organizing, and preparing written reports and other written documents;

Responsible for presenting case materials at internal planning meetings, court hearings, foster care reviews, and other assigned meetings;

Responsible for approving and arranging parent and family contacts, supervised visits and home visits;

Responsible for case management of children assigned;

Provide consultation and case notes with appropriate court personnel and outside sources, i.e., CASA, to evaluate the appropriateness of court intervention;

Provide guidance and support to children as they transition from one school and integrate into a new school;

 Coordinate special education services and assessments;

Actively monitor and maintain school progress for youth who miss school by intervening accordingly by obtaining school assignments;

Provide advocacy and service planning for youth that are expelled;

Responsible for working with treatment and residential teams in children’s living center;

Maintain ongoing communication with prospective foster care and adoption families to monitor services and progress;

Assist families in meeting mandated services and court requirements for reunification;

Organize and maintain case notes, assessments, case summaries, case records, and other related records; and

Responsible for teaching, modeling, practicing, supporting and articulating the agency’s Circle of Courage strength-based program philosophy.


 Please Note: all other duties may be assigned by the Director of Clinical and/or Director Children Services.

Note: This description is a summary of the responsibilities, duties, knowledge, skills, experience, abilities, and qualifications associated with this position.  It is not an exhaustive list and may be changed any time at the discretion of Whaley Children’s Center.

Approval Date: 6/6/2013 by CF & KMR


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Youth Specialist

Categories Residential
Location Whaley Childrens Center
Job Info

We are hiring for PART-TIME Youth Specialists.  We will be having an open house from 10:30am-4pm on Tuesday, 9/10.  All qualified applicants are welcomed to come.  You will be seen on a first come/first serve basis.  Below you will find the minimum requirements:

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Persons in this position are responsible for assisting children with daily living activities engaging in recreational activities with children; maintaining a “household” including cooking and cleaning activities; transporting children and participating in the development and implementation of treatment plans for children.


1. High school diploma plus successful completion of at least 48 credit hours of college level studies at an accredited college or university in sociology, social work, psychology, education, recreation or other related field and/or applicants who have a minimum of 24 credits of academic studies in a related field and also are currently enrolled in a accredited college.

2.Valid Michigan Driver’s license and driving record which is acceptable to the Agency’s automobile insurance carrier.

3.Experience in children’s residential treatment programs or equivalent knowledge preferred.

4.Ability to establish and maintain effective working and communication (written and oral) relationships with co-workers and children.

5.Ability to assist children with daily living and recreational activities and to effectively discipline, coach, and counsel children to encourage proper and appropriate behavior and to support established treatment plans for the children.

6. Physical and organizational abilities necessary to regularly complete activities necessary to maintain a “household” including cooking, cleaning, shopping, yard work, etc.

7.Ability to keep accurate records and to complete written reports regarding the behavior, activities and status of children.

8. Ability to assess, interpret and respond appropriately to verbal and nonverbal communications of children and other Whaley staff.

9.Ability to understanding cause and effect relationships and the interrelatedness of one’s own behavior relative to the behavior of others.

10.Physical mobility and capacity to manage a violent child when restraint is required to assure the safety of the staff, children, families and/or others.

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