Residential Spotlight

th_5e47c04c60c69b4614ea9a7b6f2dc3b8_residentialspotlight89 Balicia Young - Balicia Young is a Youth Specialist at Rotary Group Home. Balicia was nominated by her Program Manager, Ms. Quanda for “Volunteering to do transports and always being a team player.” Congratulations to Balicia for her hard work and dedication to our children!

Core Staff

th_7217d32bca2a900c8373f93bc9702ceb_photoofkevinroach Kevin Roach - President and Chief Executive Officer Kevin Roach serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer for Whaley Children’s Center, a nonprofit residential treatment facility that serves some of Michigan’s most fragile children. Under his leadership, Whaley Children’s Center has restructured its residential and clinical departments and implemented evidence based practices for traumatized children, increased its [...]
th_5e47c04c60c69b4614ea9a7b6f2dc3b8_clinicaldepartment Clinical - The Clinical Department aims to reduce the distress and improve the psychological well-being of the children at Whaley Children’s Center. Our team of clinicians use proven methods and research to make positive changes to the lives of our children and will offer various forms of treatment. The typical work activities associated with this department include: [...]
th_5e47c04c60c69b4614ea9a7b6f2dc3b8_residential22edited49 Residential - Our Residential Team provides the everyday support, love, and care our children require. The department consists of 6 managers, 6 assistant managers, 6 counselors, and over 50 youth specialists.
th_5e47c04c60c69b4614ea9a7b6f2dc3b8_hrdepartment002small2 Human Resource Department - The HR Department provides overall policy direction on HR Management issues and administrative support functions related to the management of employees for all departments. Our Human Resource Department serves our agency in their efforts to recruit, train, and retain a diverse and competent work force and to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local [...]
th_5e47c04c60c69b4614ea9a7b6f2dc3b8_staceyandcarmen Finance Department - The Finance Department consists of our Finance Director and Finance Assistant. They both work hard to provide professional oversight and consultation to Whaley Children’s Center programs and services regarding financial, accounting, and budgetary practices. The department oversees the preparation and monitoring of the agency’s annual budget, cash management and investments, payroll, and prepares for the [...]
development Development Department - The Development Department consists of Katrina Khouri, Cameo Paschal,  Katie Parker and intern, Lauren Godlesky. This department runs fundraising, campaigns, publicity, publications, donor servicing, and PR. Development also oversees all in-kind donations and need requests from the children. This high-energy department aims to raise over $600,000 during the next year from a range of income [...]
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