Residential School Program

Whaley’s Residential School is part of the Flint School District. There are two full-time, self- contained classrooms, one for early elementary age students, the other for students in upper elementary and middle school. Each classroom has a teacher and a para-professional to work with the students. All of our children are special needs students. Each child who attends our school has an Individualized Education Program, or IEP. The IEP’s contain specific needs that each student has, and a plan to meet those needs in order for the child to be successful. Most of the students in the residential school are emotionally impaired. The others may be cognitively impaired or have a specific learning disability. Whaley direct care staff are also present in the building during school hours to assist with behavioral issues if necessary.


Whaley’s Residential School also has a certified Title I reading teacher who provides one on one education services, working with the children individually to remediate reading and math skills. This teacher is also the lead instructor of our after school tutoring program. We offer after school tutoring Monday through Thursday from 3:45-6pm. Each child is required to attend at least one hour of tutoring a week.


Children who reside at Whaley, but who do not have an IEP stating that they need full-time, self-contained classroom programming are enrolled in Flint Community Schools. They are followed closely by their Therapist/Permanency Planning Specialist and by the School Coordinator for Whaley.


Traditionally, Whaley has offered a six-week summer program to help the students retain what they have learned during the year and to further remediate needed areas. This program mixes fun with learning, and each resident at Whaley is able to participate twice weekly for half-day sessions.

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