Whaley Golf Classic

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You can make a difference!

Since we came together at the Whaley Golf Classic last year, we have continued to develop our programs and services at Whaley Children’s Center. Our mission is still the same—providing tools to children and families who have experienced trauma to reach their full potential. We still provide residential care to nearly 90 of the state’s most fragile children each year through our nationally accredited residential programs and services. However, because of the generous support from all of our 2013 guests, we have 
continued enhancing our programs and services and providing the foremost treatment to children in the state of Michigan.

Last year, we raised nearly $66,000 at this event, and over the past year, we have put these monies to great use. Because of your gifts, we’ve completely renovated the bedrooms in one of our cottages. Bright paint covers the walls and brand new furniture and flooring have been installed. Through these renovations, our children have begun to feel more at home, and they have taken pride in the place they are currently calling home.

We also implemented our FitKids program last summer. FitKids taught our children the importance of staying healthy through healthy eating and physical activity. By playing soccer, doing yoga and cooking healthy meals, we have instilled confidence in our children, building a strong foundation to become principled young adults. 

We need your help again in order to continue providing intensive care to the nearly 90 children who will come to us in the coming year. With over 33,000 confirmed cases of child abuse and neglect each year, and with Genesee, Oakland, Wayne and Monroe counties being accountable for over 10,000 of these cases annually, it is the responsibility of our community to work together to foster hope for these children. As a community, we can transform lives and create futures, and, as a community, we can make all the difference.


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