Success Stories


Emily - Emily was ten years old when she first came to Whaley Children’s Center.  She was quite small for her age, due to the extensive malnourishment and physical neglect she had experienced since infancy.  Not only was Emily physically and sexually abused, she also witnessed significant physical violence between her parents.  Emily had not only been [...]
Ricky - After surviving ongoing domestic violence as a child and was removed from his home at the age of 8, Ricky came to us hurting. Angry and depressed and tired of the years spent in the foster care system, he took his anger out on others. Finally given a safe haven, Ricky began to find hope [...]
Kara - Kara came to Whaley at the age of 16 after spending 10 years in and out of the foster care system. A survivor of her mother’s persistent physical and emotional abuse, she experienced severe depression. By age 13, she was homeless, on the streets, fending for herself.   After a year with us, Kara’s path to [...]
Nate - After the death of his mother and being abandoned by his stepfather, Nate* came to Whaley last September with profound grief and loss. Having to overcome a long history of sexual and physical abuse, Nate struggled to express himself and get through the day. Yet, through the support of the staff and his new mentor, Nate received [...]

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