Whaley Kids FAQ

You will be welcomed by our administrative, clinical, and residential staff, and 47 other children that live at Whaley Children’s Center.


You will meet our nurse and intake coordinator who will go over all of your paperwork and introduce you to the cottage or group home you will live at.


You will then get to unpack your things in your own bedroom and meet your therapist. School will be scheduled for you, whether you attend public school or our Whaley school.

You will be fed 3 well-rounded, healthy meals and provided afternoon and evening snacks.
Yes! We love to celebrate, whether it’s birthdays, holidays, good grades… we love to recognize the great things you are doing and the wonderful things in your life!
When you come to Whaley, you will be assigned to live at one of our cottages (Vemco, Johnson, or McDonald) or at one of our group homes (Kiwanis, Zonta, Optimist, or Rotary) where you will stay for your entirety at Whaley.


You will have your own room with dressers, a twin size bed, a closet, and you will be able to put up your own pictures and decorations to make it your own bedroom.

You will always have youth specialists, counselors, therapists, and managers available to take care of you and your needs.


Whaley Children’s Center consistently maintains a ratio of 1 staff for every 3 kids so you will always have someone there to care for you.

The staff at Whaley will coordinate a lot of different activities for you, whether it’s visiting the Sloan Museum, roller skating, watching a movie, putting together a craft project, taking part in an exercise class, going to the mall, catching a play, visiting with animals, playing in the park- the opportunities are endless!
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