Cottage Sponsorship

Is your business or organization interested in transforming the lives of the children in entire cottage? Consider becoming a Mott Cottage Sponsor!

Whaley Children’s Center’s Cottage Sponsors play a big part in helping us transform lives and create futures. With a long-term commitment to our mission of providing tools to children and families who’ve experienced trauma to reach their full potential, Cottage Sponsors share their time, talent and treasure to help us maintain our residential program and facilities.

Like any home, our cottages require regular updates and investments to the facility while our program needs the compassion and talents of an army of people who desire to give kids a fighting chance to succeed.  Through their dedication, generosity and compassion, sponsors and volunteers help the most fragile children in our State develop the self-assurance, self-motivation, and self-worth needed to succeed.


I. Cottage Sponsor Benchmarks

We ask that our Cottage Sponsors:

  1. Make a minimum of a five-year commitment to their selected cottage;
  2. Have a group of volunteers who are willing to share their time and talents with our kids to help celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and events that support the safety and development of children in their cottage;
  3. Have a group of volunteers who are active in beautifying and maintaining the cottage; and
  4. Be a phone call away from helping us fulfill unexpected and urgent needs of the cottage, such as furniture, appliances, or a child’s unexpected arrival or special event


II. Cottage Sponsors Contributions

Project Joy

  • Help renovate bedrooms and common areas, as needed;
  • Help secure or donate bright colored rugs, curtains, organizational units, toys, books, etc., as needed; and
  • Total financial contribution in single year equals $20,000 or $4,000 each year for 5 years.


Monthly Contributions

  • Celebrate birthdays with kids who live in your sponsored cottage. Throw a pizza party with cake and give the birthday girl/boy a present;
  • If a birthday doesn’t occur during a month, schedule time to do crafts or physical activities with the kids in your sponsored cottage; and
  • Have the opportunity to join in fun outings throughout the year planned by the Center.



We realize that coordinating and/or participating in all holiday celebrations, may not be feasible for your volunteer group.  Below is a summary of the major holidays and special times of year that we celebrate.  We ask that our Cottage Sponsors support approximately 50% of these special occasions. We hope that Cottage Sponsors will help us make the holidays a joyous time for all the kids living in your cottage! 


  • Christmas
    • Help decorate your cottage with crafts made by your volunteers and the kids.
    • Provide Christmas stockings to hang up and Christmas presents under the tree for each child.


  • Thanksgiving
    • Help decorate your cottage for harvest time.  Turkeys and Pilgrims make great craft ideas!


  • Easter
    • Organize an Easter egg hunt and provide Easter baskets to kids in your cottage


  • Fourth of July
    • Organize a cookout and outdoor activities on or around the 4th of July! 


  • Back to School

Although this isn’t a holiday, it feels like one because of all the preparation!

  • Our kids need uniforms, new shoes, backpacks and school supplies in August each year.


III.Why become a Cottage Sponsor?

Cottage Sponsors will have the gratification of knowing that they have played a direct role in transforming lives and creating futures for children who have experienced profound grief and loss due to abuse and neglect. A sponsor has the unique experience of building a close relationship with eight children at a time. In many pervious instances, the children form a strong bond/attachment as they get to know their sponsors quite well and look forward to the time they spend with the sponsors.

Additionally, Cottage Sponsors will:

  • Determine the new name of the cottage;
  • Receive recognition in a press release mailed to all Genesee County and State media outlets and a dedication ceremony that announces the new sponsor and name of the cottage for the next five years.  During the ceremony, a name plaque recognizing the Sponsor will be hung outside the cottage door.
  • Be recognized on the Whaley Children’s Center website, as a community partner and Cottage Sponsor.
  • Be featured in the Whaley Children’s Center e-newsletter (mailed to 2,000 contacts) during the month of the Cottage dedication.


If you are interested in becoming a Cottage Sponsor, please call, Dawn Wisner, at (810) 600-0109.

Thank you to C.H. Robinson! They are currently the Cottage Sponsors for our McDonald Unit. They provide fun birthday and holiday parties for our children as well as helped to provide funding for the complete renovation of the cottage in 2013-2014.