Educational Services


At Whaley Children’s Center we offer a variety of educational options to ensure that a child’s need are being met.

Our on grounds school, The LaFontaine Learning Academy has two fully accredited classrooms operated by Flint Community School servicing grades K-12. These classrooms are for IEP services and are EI self-contained. We also ensure the children who attend these classrooms are supported by staffing each classroom with our youth specialists for when the child needs additional support. When children need additional services we also have pull out services provided by Flint Community School social worker and Title 1 professionals.

Our on-grounds school also has a classroom for Madison Virtual Academy which offers online educational opportunities for grade 7-12. This virtual school has online tutoring available daily, real time data that is provided to administrators to help support students and is able to accommodate IEP needs. It is a great solution for students who need credit recovery. Everyone who graduates from the Madison Virtual Academy does receive a fully accredited diploma.

If a child does not attend the on-grounds school, they will attend one of our many public or charter school partners within the community.

During the summer months we offer a summer enrichment program cuducted by certified teaching professionals to help the child retain the information that they had learned the previous year. This six-week program focuses on common core and offers hands on kinesthetic learning and projects as well as multiple community field trips.