Whaley Children's Center Independent Living Program is designed as a short-term intervention to meet youth's specific needs and goals in the development of independent living skills, enhancing educational/vocational and career choices while offering employment/educational opportunities. The ILP Program offers services to youth 16 and older, who are physically and emotionally able to master the skills and experiences offered to transition into adulthood. The youth referred to the program must have demonstrated a history of functioning at a level appropriate for community-based living.


The ILP homes are staff-supported offering each youth their own private bedroom and shared common spaces. The homes provide direct care staff to support at least 16 hours per day and guidance designed to bridge the gap between foster care and independent living.


Youth participating in ILP/YAVFC must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Must be 16-19 years of age
  • Must be leaving residential foster care and cannot return home
  • Cannot be placed into a family foster home
  • Adoption is not planned
  • Have demonstrated a capacity for and willingness to learn independent living skills in a supervised, structured ILP program prior to transitioning into another living arrangement
  • Self-motivated and demonstrate self-care potential, as they are responsible for taking public transportation to school/work, taking their own medications, etc.
  • Youth must be a Court Ward assigned through a governing entity
  • Employed full-time or actively involved in job training or continuing education or a combination of employment and education

    Treatment services provided will be based on Casey Life Skills Assessment (CLSA) and the needs of the individual which include, but are not limited to:

    • The provision of counseling and therapy
    • Independent living skills training
    • At least 16 hours per day staff support
    • Coordination of educational/vocational and/or job skills opportunities
    • Case management