Referral Information

Children are referred to Whaley Children’s Center through multiple channels including the Department of Human Services (DHHS), other residential treatment facilities and the juvenile justice system. If you are a parent or family member searching for solutions, please contact DHHS or the Post-Adoption Resource Center (PARC).

Agency Highlights:

  • Excellent staff-to-child ratio of 1:3
  • Small group settings in milieus - six to eight children per milieu
  • Therapeutic services provided: minimum of one hour weekly of individual therapy as
  • well as several group therapy sessions per week
  • Therapists are trained in trauma-informed interventions
  • 89 years of experience working with troubled youth/children
  • Educational support provided by School Coordinator, Permanency Placement Specialists,
  • Therapists, Unit Directors and Direct Care Staff
  • Summer program including academic coursework and healthy lifestyle programming
  • Activities and enrichment supplemented by extremely active and supportive community and donors

Referral Checklist:

From DHHS or POS agencies:

  • Initial Service Plan and the most recently available Updated Service Plan from DHHS
  • Any psychiatric or psychological evaluation available
  • School information, especially if there is an IEP
  • Any pertinent court documentation

From Adoptive Placement:

  • A narrative that discusses the child's history
    • Where was the child before coming into your care?
    • How long has he/she been in your family?
      • Include a brief statement about the make-up of the family -How many adults/siblings in the home?
        What behavior(s) is he/she currently displaying that make you seek out-of-home placement at this time? What treatment services has your family tried already?
  • School information -particularly if he has an IEP. Include a copy of the IEP if available
  • Any therapy case notes that you feel comfortable sharing. If there is no psychiatric or psychological testing available, the case notes would be helpful. Does he/she have any diagnoses? (such as PTSD or ADHD, etc.) Is he/she taking any medication?
  • Does your child have any history of attempting to run away or of requiring physical management?

For more information about referrals, please contact our Intake Coordinator, Melissa Walker, at