When a child discharges from Whaley Children's Center to a less restrictive placement, Whaley's Aftercare Coordinator will provide up to one year of aftercare services. A parent or relatives' home, foster home, independent living or adult foster care would qualify as a less restrictive setting. Within the first 30 days of the child's discharge, the Aftercare Coordinator will make four phone calls and two face to face visits with the child and their caregiver. The Aftercare Coordinator will drive, at maximum, 150 miles for an aftercare visit. Following the first 30 days of discharge, the Aftercare Coordinator will continue with one phone call per month until the six month discharge mark. In-home face-to-face visits will also be offered during the sixth month post discharge and one year anniversary of his discharge, should the family be willing.The goal in providing aftercare services is to maintain support for the child and the caregiver to ensure the transition is as successful as possible and if any additional support is needed.