I was 7 years old in 1982 when I walked through the doors at Whaley. I am so glad to see they are still dedicated to children in need. The staff back then were amazing really helped me feel safe. Keep up the amazing work.

Joshua R.

I have worked here for three (+) years doing one of the things that I live and love to do; working and serving youth! The children have experienced so much trauma, abuse and neglect in life. Their futures are uncertain. But I, along with others I work along side of have the privilege to hopefully touch their lives and help renew their hope. It's not easy by far, but it definitely is a love inspired, vision-driven work. Whaley plays a special role for foster youth that is unique to the Midwest and definitely within the State of Michigan.

Marcus B.

A caring & loving place for children & teens.

Rebecca N.

They provide an amazing service to kids in desperate need of love and a real sense of confidence and identity. I cannot say enough good about them.

Sherry A.

Wonderful staff and safe place for kids in need

Terra R.

Very grateful this place exists and touches so many lives.

Laurie W.